DPF Filter Cleaning

DPF Cleaners and DPF Cleaning – The Definitive Guide

Webber Motor Company are dedicated to constantly improving our equipment and facilities our new Carbon Clean Machine DCS-16 can clean your DPF to within 99% of its original condition.

Book yours in today for just £170+VAT plus cost of removal and fitting of DPF

  • Engine management lights, Lack of power, poor fuel economy and smoke from your exhaust can all be signs of a blocked DPF
  • Using a special solution, Power Cleaner, and a mix of high-pressured water and air, the DCS-16 quickly and efficiently cleans any size or specification DPF.
  • The process is non-invasive and unlike other solutions, does not require the DPF to be opened or its contents tampered with. During the MOT test, a DPF must not show evidence of being opened up, unless this can be proved it was done for legitimate purposes.
  • Remember, a DPF can no longer simply be removed or gutted if it is blocked, it must be either cleaned or replaced.
  • During the MOT test a diesel vehicle must not emit ‘visible smoke of any colour’ – otherwise it’s an automatic fail. Cleaning the DPF with the DCS-16 prevents this from happening and helps ensure the emissions test is passed (given all other variables are correct).
  • This service can be offered to two types of customer, those experiencing problems related to a blocked DPF and those wanting to ensure their diesel vehicle passes the new stricter MOT emissions test which came into effect on May 20th 2018.
  • With DPF replacements costing in excess of £1000, DPF cleaning is a much more cost-friendly solution for your customer.
  • Most car manufacturers recommend the replacement of the DPF every 100-120k miles to ensure correct operation – something that can cost well in excess of £1000. By cleaning the DPF with the DCS-16 this is not necessary.
  • The DCS-16’s cleaning process also includes the application of a special solution called Power Protect which actively reduces the temperature soot combusts at, from 650 degrees to 450, improving the performance of the DPF’s regeneration system and preventing future blockages from occurring.

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